Want to Become a Personal Trainer?

It is quite evident that Malta personal training courses matters a lot to become a personal trainer. Without these Maltese personal training courses it is not possible to become a trainer. First of all, the most important thing which you require is a personal training certificate. It is not a proof which would say that how much practical information one has but at least it is a way to become a trainer.

Personal training certifications

The training given for the attainment of pt courses in Malta is theoretical and does not make any impact on your daily training. But the certifications are a must, be it you run your own gym or either work for a corporate gym or a studio.

There are various certified programs, a few would emphasize upon the theory much and a few would give out the practical training. You should choose which one you would want to take up. For example, the Functional Movement Screen is a certified program which would help you to create a foundational understanding which is surely going to be very helpful for you throughout your training career.

pt courses

Learning through reading


You should always keep education as a higher priority. The best way to start up is by reading the fitness blogs. Nothing will make sense in the beginning. But if you keep yourself motivated then in around nine to twelve months you will figure out that the concepts will begin to seem easier to you.


Books are the best teachers. After learning the main concepts by the blogs you should take a deep plunge to know the depth of the personal training concepts and resort to the books. You will find them to be gibberish in the starting but them slowly and steadily you will come to know about the concepts in detail.1451567877_blog_31122015171757

On the job training

If you live in Europe then you should start interning in a commercial gym. This will surely give you a tough time but you need to start from somewhere to begin your career.

Also, you will not make much money by doing so. You might have to work on the floor for n unreasonable wage or you can also have to pick up clients. But these hindrances should not stop you and deter you from your goal. As a matter of fact this can also prove to be an important experience to get to know the ways of this industry.

If you really intend to make your career in this field then you require a lot of patience and hard work. This field is not for the lazy bums. You will have to deal with real numbers in the starting to pay the fees for your personal training courses.

You should also be prepared to invest a lot of time and energy. Though this field might ask a lot from you in the beginning but your energy and efforts will surely pay off once you are successful and well established in this field.

6 Week Body Challenge Programme – Tips to Overcome Obstacles

Losing fat during a 6 week body challenge programme could pose several  ‘unnecessary’ obstacles in your mind. So before you join such a programme work out which would be the most difficult obstacles for you to overcome – work out solutions – and then give the programme a try. Below are a few relevant tips to help you succeed:

  1. Besides the actual workouts the next most important issue when you want to lose weight is having the right diet and count your calories. Eating the right food especially when you would like to drop weight during a 6 week body challenge programme is not that easy a habit to develop. Good advice would be not to follow a particular type of diet. Just eat healthy food in smaller portions. This should help you to keep your weight steady.
  1. Do not be under the misguided notion that only working out will help you to drop weight and get a trim body. You have to also concentrate on besides a healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle. This is what the 6 week challenge helps you to achieve.
  1. If you find the above to points difficult to follow, what you then require is motivation. Joining the programme is not going to be like a merry-go-round ride all the time. There will be days when you will feel depressed or disappointed. It is absolutely normal to go through such mental fluctuations. However, when you do feel low think about why you are in the programme – think of emerging as a healthier and slimmer you. It will surely act as a booster.obstacles to Weight loss
  1. Contrary to the above you might be one of those people who get over-excited and tend to get obsessive when undertaking any programme. During the 6 week body challenge programme you might apply such attention to things like counting calories, food measuring and tracking etc. This could certainly end up making you crazy. Though special attention is required in these areas, do not over-do it. You should focus more on the activity you have to undergo each day. Your body will respond and you will see the desired change.
  1. During the programme you will notice that your body weight will reach several plateaus when it comes to fat loss. Do not let this disturb you and do not lose patience. Try and make a few changes may be in your diet or intensifying your workout routine. You could also try and adjust the cardio exercises to be more in tune with your strength training.
  1. Besides some unhelpful criticism you may receive from certain sources, you could also end up being your worst critic. So do not punish yourself if things are not going exactly as you would expect. Be positive about the process. You will find that when you are positive other people will also look at you with a positive attitude.


As mentioned above there are so many obstacles that can prevent you from reaching your body transformation goal. The thing to do is to focus on the bigger obstacles, find ways to overcome them and then you will find the going easier i.e. getting your body into shape without unnecessary drama. To get started with your weight loss challenge and get in killer shape, visit www.6weekbody.com.au

Five Benefits of Hiring a Personal trainer

When you are into fitness and personal development, you need to take a dedicated effort to ensure that you do not compromise on your health and physique. If you are pro-active, you can always come up with new health regimes and exercise routines.

However, is this the routine your body needs? How do you decide if a particular exercise will increase your stamina or whether the current exercise regime is suitable for your body? In such cases, it is always necessary to have a personal trainer. Having a personal trainer has the following benefits

Focus on health & fitness

A personal trainer will guide you if you are serious about losing weight the right way or if you want to be fit and increase your stamina and strength. Your personal trainer will prescribe an exercise routine that will be according to your body weight and your threshold limit. Initially, you may find these exercises difficult, but slowly your body will get used to the exercises.

Always choose a trainer who has the experience so you are on the right track from the start. In addition, ensure the personal trainer has the required certification and has references with whom you can check-up with.

Hire a Personal Trainer

Focus on healthy diet

Since you are exercising to build your stamina or lose weight or stay fit, you need accordingly. Personal trainers also double up as your nutritionist especially when they highlight the diets that will build up your strength. Having healthy food such as nuts, salads and leafy vegetables as suggested by your personal trainer will ensure your body is able to push its limits when the exercises get more intense.

Keeps You Motivated

Now imagine this – if you were working alone, there are full chances that you will skip a day of exercise because you are not feeling up to it. As a result, you are creating a break in your routine and that is setback for your health. In such cases, having a personal trainer helps as he or she will ensure you don’t compromise on your fitness.

Alternatively, If you have a target to achieve when it comes to your weight or fitness, then your personal trainer will keep you motivated so that you can achieve it. In fact, many a times, there are chances you may want to give up considering that you are unable to do the intense exercises, at that time, your personal trainer steps in and stops you so that you do not give up.

Accurate technique and form

One of the greatest benefits of having an expert help you is that you are learning the right things from the word go. Your personal trainer will create a routine that suits your body and ensure you follow the proper technique of exercises. Often, if you don’t follow the right technique, you may end up injuring your body or are unable to achieve the targeted weight-loss.

Personalised supervision

If you go to a gym nearby, then you will have no personal trainer focusing only on your health. As a result, you will never know where you need improvement. In addition, the chances that you may injure yourself while working out at a gym without personal supervision are also high. A personal trainer will keep a constant watch out and stop you before you injure yourself.

Fitness And Weight Loss – How To Make A Difference Fast

One of the most common health problems is obesity. Unfortunately, the majority of individuals do not understand just how many health issues they could avoid just by dropping a few pounds and getting rid of their bad habits. If you want to make a difference in your life fast, the following are some fitness and weight loss tips you should incorporate into your life.

weight loss

The first fitness tip that will give you the quickest results and help you to lose the weight is to remove soda and coffee from your diet and replace it with water. This will eliminate a lot of unnecessary calories and will help your body to function much better.

You must also change your habit of skipping any meals. Make sure you are eating three to five small meals a day and you will speed up your metabolism quickly. Just be sure that your meals are healthy, and you are getting the proper amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Climbing stairs will also make a major difference. Most people simply jump on the elevator without even thinking. However, if you take the stairs, you could be burning off a few more hundred calories every day.

If at all possible, walk. Do not take a cab or drive to your destination. This extra walking can burn off more calories and get your body in shape fast. If this is not possible, try taking a brisk walk every day. Even a half hour walk can make a huge difference in your health.Walking will help you look and fell better. The many benefits you get from walking will help improve your whole life.

When you don’t want to exercise, you have to push yourself. When you are done, you will be happy that you accomplished something that seemed so difficult just a few moments before. Never give in to your feelings of self-doubt.

The last of the fitness tips and, perhaps one of the most important, is to try and make some changes to any bad habits you have, such as smoking. If you quit smoking now, within a few months, your lungs will have repaired themselves by as much as thirty percent, and you will notice a great increase in your energy level.

Always visit your doctor before you begin any new exercise program. Follow your doctor’s advice and get started today on a new improved healthy lifestyle that will completely change your life.